Northern Territory

The northern part of Australia, at first glance, appears to be a vast, empty wasteland. A closer look will prove to you that it has countless things to offer. This part of the country has a rich history with the indigenous population holding on to the rich culture of their forefathers. There are more attractions in the northern territory than you may think. These are some of the major reasons that would have anybody packing on a trip to the northern territory.

Ayers Rock (Uluru)

Even being one of the most prominent picture on Australian postcards, seeing this giant landform in person will still have an unexplainable element of surprise. The rock can be seen from many kilometers away and your attention will be nowhere else than on this mammoth in the middle of the plain. This giant structure rises 348m above the scrubland and is an impressive 3.6 Km long.

The olgas

These are a collection of rocks with domed tops just 35km from Uluru. These rocks lie shoulder to shoulder forming a beautiful landscape of steep gorges and deep valleys. The site has a total of 36 of these domed rocks and is a spectacular sight to behold.

Kakadu National Park

This is where the cultural heritage and wildlife of the northern territory blend in a breathtaking fashion. The park has an underlying value that goes beyond the wildlife and the stunning landscape. It is a striking display of the enduring culture that has been in sync with Mother Nature for thousands of years.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Sunset in the northern territory is nothing short of spectacular. The stunning view of the sun going down Mindil beach has created a ritual that is renewed every evening. Sunset sees the whole of Mindil coming out to the front porches or getting close to the nearest window to view the spectacular sunset. Even better, Mindil beach is the place to experience this beauty that never fades.

Tiwi Islands

They lie some 80km north of Darwin. These islands are the home of the Tiwi people. Their amazing culture and love for unique artwork, makes the islands a must have, on your list of places to visit, when next you make a trip to the Northern Territory. The culture is so closely guarded from tourists that the only way to visit is on one of the sanctioned daily tours from Darwin